About ISHSKO Dental Centre

Whole Body Dentistry

Our approach to healing is a little different than what you’re probably used to in a dental practice.

The best way to experience this difference is to come in and see for yourself how we work. In the mean time, here are a few things we think set us apart from a more traditional dental practice:

We believe we’re unique because most of our patients actually enjoy coming here.

Our relaxed atmosphere in the centre.

Of our willingness to take time and listen and be supportive.

30 years of experience in mercury-free biological dentistry.

The extensive precautions we take to protect you from exposure to mercury during amalgam removal, which actually aids in the healing process instead of contributing to your toxic burden.

What to Expect

If you are in pain, discomfort or embarrassment of poor oral health – you can expect that your immediate problem will be addressed as quickly as possible. We will then determine what treatment is necessary to restore you to a state of optimum health.

And we won’t stop there – we will determine what the causes are behind your problem to begin with and help you take action to prevent future problems.

If you are suffering from physical, mental or emotional symptoms related to your oral health and/or previous dental care – you can expect an empathetic approach that addresses both your physical needs and your emotional concerns.

If you are in relatively good health and want to enhance your wellness and prevent the loss of health in the future – you can expect the most comprehensive evaluation to discover any hidden issues that may cause problems later on – such as: periodontal disease, necrotic teeth, cavitations (jaw infections) or mercury sensitivity.

We understand that health is not simply the absence of symptoms or disease. Our commitment is to help you achieve vibrant health, grow your level of self-esteem and understanding of your mental, physical & spiritual well-being.

Our Approach

In our effort to provide a relaxing and safe experience for you, we know that it’s very important to determine what your issues, concerns and expectations are. That’s why we will spend time to listen to you prior to, during and following treatment.

Our staff welcomes and encourages questions and will always be happy to listen.

During the assessments you can expect new information and concepts about optimum health. This can sometimes be a bit overwhelming, therefore a full written report about the findings of your assessment, including the estimated cost to make you dentally fit. In those cases where the treatment plan is extensive the centre offers payment plans to allow you to engage in high quality dentistry now and spreads the cost over time.

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